Training courses for organisations

Using our data protection e-learning as a corporate client offers many advantages. The content of the course will be adapted to internal privacy poilices of your organisation. Furthermore, your team will be automatically reminded to compelte the training and final test. To stay familiar to internal data protection regulations, we offer an annual follow up training for your team.
On top, we offer regular reporting about the training success of your team as well as user support for your team members.
Launching your own organisational data protection training on our e-learning platform, you will have the oppurtunity to add invitations for new team members at any time.

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    Test our training courses with our free basic training.

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    Order our services using the contact form on the right.

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    We create your course and invite your team members. On your request, we add new users to the training at any time.

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    The participants take part in the training and complete the final test.

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    Follow up training

    Your team members will be reminded of the follow up training individually and automatically after one year.